Bestselling Handbags By HOBO To Grab On

  • by admin
  • February 14 2023

Love of leather, it’s all about…

HOBO hails from the early American society where KOREN RAY fantasized about handmade goods from leather while she wandered in her mom’s workplace as a child. Piles of scrappy leather inspired her from early childhood to create beauty out of it. Hence, she gets motivated to produce handmade goods out of fine quality leather.

With this motive, HOBO has come so far as to produce the best quality handmade bags along with its intricate designs. HOBO is inspired by the idea of enjoying life, making life beautiful and, most importantly, loving oneself.

For this purpose, HOBO aims to discover the best quality of leather and bring in outstanding fashion products made from them.

HOBO has a wide range of handbags in numerous types of leather. From old school Buffed leather to new, in-fashion printed leathers with astonishing designs that capture one’s heart and mind in the blink of an eye.

Out of hundreds of favourite products of our customers, some of the most liked ones are mentioned below.

Bags That Are Top On Trend

Five best of the best picks that are understated yet extravagant begs are listed below;

Sheila Large Satchel:

Designer’s choice and customers loved; this bag is an ideal all-purpose bag. It can carry almost everything.  It is designed and crafted with love and hard work to make your life easy and comfortable. You can adjust your essentials easily as per your wish. It’s a win-win purchase. It comes in five different colours.

It is made of polished leather; it’s our unique Vintage hide leather that has been perfectly tanned by our expert Italian tannery for years. The best part of polished leather is that with the passage of time, this leather becomes softer, more beautiful and super light to carry.

Pair up with me:

Option No.1: Style up in casual jeans and a t-shirt to flaunt your Sheila Large Satchel.

Option No.2: Formal dress up that include a suit (of your choice), and to compliment your look, carry your Sheila Large Satchel.

Sheila Medium Satchel:

It’s the best pick for someone who doesn’t like to carry huge bags or simply doesn’t have much of the need. It’s beautifully made in medium size, not too big-not to small, just the perfect size and shape for your everyday use. It`s purposefully designed to incorporate your day-to-day requirements. Once you use it, it becomes your favourite bag to travel with.

It is made up of a MIX MATERIALS crafted together to create a beautiful texture story of your own. It complements those who carry it and be there when they need it. It gives the perfect room for your needs.

Pair up with me:

Option No. 1: Fits best with a long flare frock. Probably of white, black or dark colour.

Option No.2: It goes best with a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Darling Small Satchel:

This one is for you if you didn’t find your best pick so far. Darling small satchel is made to make your life stress-free and burdenless. It is a topped handled bag with a removable cross-body strap to give you that hands-free ease anytime you want it.

Sweet little darling is loved and made with the SOFT LEATHER. It uses Aniline dyes, gentle tumbling, and a minimal surface finish to produce a buttery look and silky feel and a perfect look.

Pair up with me:

Option No.1: With a chic jumpsuit and high heels. Carry this lovely piece to complete the look.

Option No.2: Use it with a semi-formal dress to get that classy look.

Pier Shoulder Bag:

Trendy, classic, and elegant, the Pier shoulder bag gives you a comfortable and bold look. It is two in one bag, easily changeable from shoulder to cross-body strap bag. It’s the best two-in-one option available out there, giving one a fashionable look.

It is made up of pebbled leather. It is made with a hundred years old traditional tanning method that gives a smooth, soft look and colour it beautifully, letting them age gracefully.

 Pair up with me:

Option No.1: Best fits with your office wear. Gives that elegant professional look.

Option No.2: Can be used along a casual look for a Sunday brunch.

Lana Cross Body:

It gives you a true sense of a vintage look. Lana`s crossbody is made with love and gives you three in one look. Can be your cross-body bag, clutch and baguette bag. It has a pure old-school look that makes it special for your special events.

The METALLIC LEATHER, one of its kind, helps softens the hide with the passage of time. And for is going to leave you with a new love of leather and great shine.

Pair up with me:

Option No.1: With a cute white flare frock, use it to compliment your look.

Option No.2: a fancy skirt and blouse can go best with his chic piece.

HOBO’s inspiration is to cater for all and make life easy and comfortable for all. While catering a good scene of fashion. These bags are the best picks of their kind and give the customers the best-ever feel.