The Most Popular Bathroom Designs Ranked From The Best To The Worst

  • by admin
  • February 23 2023

People avoid discussing bathrooms, but let`s face it, they play an essential part in one`s life. Imagine yourself bathing in a washroom that doesn`t only look worst but is asking for maintenance desperately. I am sure the first thing you would want is to get out of there! Hence, bathrooms are proven not only used for personal hygiene and to get yourself together but also reflect style, luxury, and house grooming. However, getting your bathroom ready before buying a new house is a challenging job to pull off. It needs creativity, house grooming skills, research, and experience to extract the best out of it. That is why today I have brought an article for you in which we will talk about several bathroom designs ranked from the absolute best to the absolute worst that you can either adapt or avoid to get your new home ready. With further ado, let`s now look at the article.

The Worst Bathroom Designs

Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are the most common ones available in the market and have been widely used for many years. If you head to the nearest supermarket, your retailer will be the first to suggest these tiles. But the time to let them dominate our bathroom is over. These tiles lose their charm and become dull after a few months due to their white color.

Floating Sinks

Many of you might need clarification about why I added the infamous floating sink design to this list. You need to understand that they look highly luxurious and are great for bathrooms with plenty of space available but look the exact opposite in the ones with a very confined space. That`s right, due to its unusual design, the water can escape the sink only to get splashed over on the floor, which many of you may find annoying.

White Marble

Although white marble looks extremely cool and nothing can match its beauty. But white seems cliché, and why not look for more vibrant colors than stick around with white color only? Besides, if you are thinking about adding it to your wall, it might just be fine, but white marble on the floor can be a bit dangerous, and splashed water can cause the floor to become slippery. But if you know all the cons associated with it and still are a white marble fan, consider heading to Rbrohant to figure out some of the best white marble bathroom designs.

Jet Like Bathtub

The bathtub has been a sensation and is quite expensive if you head to the market. They are painted from the outside while having a porcelain design from the inside. But investing in a bathtub like this is absurd as the bathroom requires so much space. Thus, it cannot be added in a washroom with minimal area. Besides, as huge as it might look from the outside, the room is quite confined from the inside, which could make things difficult for someone with a taller height and stature.

The Best Bathroom Designs

Coastal Character

The bathroom can give you beach vibes. With a chandelier, mirror frame, and blue and white color palette, this bathroom gives you a look you haven`t seen before. And though earlier I discouraged tiles due to some safety issues and lack of color, adding some blue tiles on the floor would be absolutely fine to give you peace of mind while taking a shower.

Contemporary Corner

The beauty of the contemporary bathroom approach gives you plenty of options to fill the rest of the empty places according to your choice. And if you lack space, the bathroom design can make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. However, before you pick this approach without a clear picture, I suggest you browse through different contemporary styles. Speaking of which, you can head to Rbrohant to access some of the best bathroom designs available.

Patterned Power

Patterned power design has emerged from the middle-east side of the world. This style is incredibly unique and involves a custom walnut vanity and glazed ceramic baby blue shower tile with a set of patterns done intentionally. But to get the best possible experience, you should get a hold of some of the best bathroom equipment out there. Rbrohant still has the upper hand over all other stores; therefore, it is wise to head to the store and find the best bathroom essentials at a very reasonable price.

Mid-Century Mood

Peaceful, neat, hygienic, properly landscaped, and whatnot! This design is ideal for people who like taking things to a different level. Based on the best city, Atlanta, the bathroom makes you feel like you are sitting in a salon or a spa and should be featured with ideal materials to get that Atlantic spa look. The walls inside the shower are made up of porcelain tiles to keep things cooler while taking a shower in the hot summer. The other bathroom walls are covered with glossy charcoal ceramic tiles. The mid-century mood is the absolute best of all the designs I discussed above and has become my favorite.

Bright And Breezy

Dark bathroom themes are discouraged by most people as dark color emits heat which makes things intolerable if you are standing below a shower. But most bathroom designs nowadays are based only on dark themes, making it difficult for people to own smaller washrooms. Speaking of which, the new bright and breezy design is undoubtedly out of the box as it provides ample space and a light color shade to keep things cooler inside the washroom. The bathroom features white porcelain Carrara marble-look tile at the shower side and a blue tint for the cabinets and floors. You can head to Rbrohant to customize your bright and breezy bathroom under the guidance of the experts.