Wear Your Signature Scent With Riddle




Ever feel like life’s moving on a fast-forward track? Working deadlines, endless chores and the daily grind – it’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos. But what if there was a secret weapon to reconnect with inner peace, right at home? Perfume oils! These age-old aromas offer a simple way to unwind and find your calm again.

Are you stressed and invisible? Your perfume can change that! Riddle, a fragrance and skincare brand founded in 2013, offers a secret weapon: scent stories. Their collection of over seven unique and subtle oil blends lets you find a smell that reflects your confidence and personality, no matter the occasion—feeling playful or a big presentation coming up? They have an oil for that. You are offered a premium odor for every mood and occasion!

Ready to smell amazing? Find your perfect odor and see how it can change your daily routine.


Roll-on Scents for every mood


Are you tired of the same old perfumes? Craft your aromas with high-quality, safe-for-skin lubricants. Love woodsy notes? Into florals? Craving something spicy? They have everything to personalize your perfumes. Their roll-on perfumes are like confidence in a bottle, letting you write your unique fragrance story.


Mood uplifting scents


Level up your natural perfume game with pheromones! These rollerball perfumes work with your unique body chemistry to create an irresistible odor just like scent boosters!

The collection ranges from the clean and subtle Original (amber and musk) to the woody and mysterious Sphinx (Egyptian musk and sandalwood). Perfect for a casual hangout or a night out, these will have you turning heads in no time.


Scented Dab-ons


Feeling the fall chill? Cozy up with Santal’s spicy, woody notes. Rocking summer events? Slay with Poppy’s citrusy-floral burst. Riddle’s fragrances are all about seasonal vibes. These high-quality, plant-powered oils are super concentrated, so a little dab behind your ears goes a long way.


The Iconic Scent Sampler


Can’t decide on just one smell? No problem! The signature kit is your shortcut to finding your perfect fragrance. It comes with seven 1ml roll-on vials, each containing a different smell for you to try. Experiment and find your new signature odor, whether it’s playful, mysterious, or something in between. There’s more! You’ll get a $10 discount towards a full-size bottle of your chosen perfume! Ready to smell amazing? Find your fragrance soulmate today!


Hydrate and radiate


Lotion battles? Not anymore! Give a glow-up to your skincare routine with the spray lotion which absorbs super-fast, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, without any greasy residue. Need a moisture boost? Body oils deliver intense hydration with a touch of long-lasting odor. Check out these skincare saviors and get the glow you deserve.


Effortless Spray-On Lotion


The milky spray lotion is your new skincare bestie. It absorbs super-fast, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth without a hint of greasiness. Pick your vibe: musky aloe for a touch of nature or warm vanilla amber for a cozy feel. Plus, this mist-mazing spray lotion comes in a sleek glass bottle for easy application!

Is skin feeling parched? Dabble in the collection and find your new hydration BFF!


Chic Body Oil


Level up your shelfie game with Boujee. This luxurious product hydrates and leaves you glowing, all thanks to rich emollients. Pick your smell. Go for the clean and musky Original or try the aromatic Santal with cardamom and fruit oils. The easy-use pump on the chic glass bottle means you’ll be using every drop for a long time. Hop on the website and find out which one of the collections matches your vibe today.


The All-in-One Body Wash


Tired of old body washes? Fraiche introduces you to the new glow-up game! Their oil-to-milk formula cleanses and hydrates. It leaves your skin soft for your favorite mystery fragrance. Plus, it’s odor-free and hypoallergenic, so it’s gentle on indeed the most sensitive skin. Want a decadent soak? Add a few pumps of Fraiche to your bath for a spa-like experience at home. Treat yourself to the Fraiche difference! Shop now and elevate your shower routine.


Minimalism meets clean beauty


The brand’s bottle designs are clean and simple. They look great on your vanity and are minimalist. But do not let the packaging fool you! Inside, you will find decadent, potent scent canvases that are kind to your skin. Made with safe, non-toxic constituents, they are also hypoallergenic, ethically sourced and vegan. Group your favorite products. This makes a unique smell experience, perfect for you.


Commitment to Safety


Safety first! Riddle follows strict FDA and EU guidelines when labeling the products. This means you’ll find a clear list of any potential allergens on each label, so you can make informed choices. But don’t stress out! These allergens are not harmful chemicals. The formulas are guaranteed to be 100% free of them! It’s all about keeping things clear and making you feel confident!

Feeling like yourself is the best accessory! Discover your signature perfume with a spritz of confidence. Riddle crafts their unique fragrances to last all day using safe, eco-friendly ingredients. Each scent is designed to enhance your mood and personality. You may want something playful and energetic, or sophisticated and calming. A perfect fineness is waiting for you. Their products are vegan, long-lasting, and ensure fantastic all-day delicacy. Find your perfect perfume and leave a lasting impression everywhere!